I’m an avid participant in National Novel Writing Month – the novel I’m currently shopping was my 2008 NaNoWriMo novel. I’ve done NaNoWriMo ten (WHAT!) times and Camp NaNo once, though I’m gearing up to do that again.

I’ve found NaNo to be a good experience, though I’ve heard that it is perhaps detrimental to others. Until I did NaNo for the first time (in 2006), I’d never finished a novel that I’d started writing. And I’d definitely started writing long before 2006 (a decade before, in fact). For me, it’s a deadline to finish – get those 50,000 words down before December 1!

I’m working on a piece right now that I dabble with – I might hop into the document and throw down a couple words here and there, but I’m not giving it the time or attention that I should be. Which is why I’m planning to do Camp NaNo in July. Hopefully by the end of the month, I can finish this first draft, so that I can figure out if anything worthwhile is happening there.

Of course, Cycling, that 2008 NaNo novel, is the only good one. So. Maybe NaNo isn’t the best thing ever. But at least it’s getting me somewhere.



I love getting feedback on my writing. Positive, negative, whatever. Negative feedback makes my writing stronger. Positive feedback makes ME stronger. So it’s all good.

I submitted the prologue and opening chapter of Cycling to Flogging the Quill, and the feedback is mixed, as always expected.

If I have any readers here who want to weigh in, have at it!

Flogging the Quill