Progress Report 2-12-18

Let’s check in on my goals for February:

  • Keep writing every day.

Yep, this is happening. I’m not writing as much as I would like, as far as actual words on virtual paper, but I have written something every day so far.

  • Work on querying.

This is also happening. And it continues to be…rough.

  • Read David Sedaris’s Theft by Finding.

Also happening! I’ve finished a couple years’ worth of entries. My favorite ones are the moments where he puts in current events info – “Gas costs $1/gallon almost everywhere now,” for instance, cracked me up. Not as funny was the mention of a school shooting. Who knew we had those in the ’70s?

  • Buy something for the house.

This I haven’t done yet. I’m still thinking about what we need at the moment.

Of course, the month is nearly half over, because February, but hopefully I’ll manage to make things happen.

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