February Progress Report

So, February FLEW.

Part of the problem is that of course February is short. And then…

I live in West Virginia, and our teachers have been on strike for over a week. And more power to them, I support them 100% for many reasons, the least of which is that I am also employee of the state of West Virginia. If they force the government to give them raises, I get a raise. If they fix the insurance plan, I get a better insurance plan.

But I also have to supervise my six-year-old all day, which makes getting other things done a bit tricky.

So I haven’t finished my reading for February. No big deal, I’ll finish it in March.

But I have written every day! I wrote over 20K words this month, mostly in The Waiting Game Part 2. Yesterday my son was with me while I was writing, and he kept asking if I was okay, so I guess I get agitated when I write the emotional stuff. Not surprising.

I didn’t make a major purchase for the house, but I did make a major purchase for myself. I’ve been wanting to tattoo the opening of The Odyssey on my arm for years and I finally did it. It’s still healing up, but I love it forever (I had better, I suppose).

On to March! I’m excited to keep tackling life.