Progress Report

I feel like this year has flown by. It was cold this morning when we left to start our day, which means fall can’t be that far off. I don’t know where the time went.

As far as my writing plans for the year, things have gone well! I’m hoping to finish three first drafts (two down – The Waiting Game Parts 2 & 4, the 3rd draft will be this year’s NaNoWriMo project! More about that to come) and one second draft (The Waiting Game Part 1 – in progress, and whoa is it going to be a doozy!).

The edits on TWG are going to be rough. Last year I had a couple beta readers look it over, because I had specific concerns, and they both came back with feedback that things were fine, but I recently heard back from another reader that the problems I was worried about were a huge issue for them, so…lots to fix. That’s okay, though, because I enjoy working with the characters, and I want to make sure they’re coming across to readers the way I imagine them. Apparently they are not.

I got another request for full for Cycling (which I guess I call Trying Times now? It’s a better title, honestly), so the manuscript is with two agents at the moment (yikes!). I’m trying to be both hopeful and not expectant. We’ll see what happens.

I’m not reading as much as I’d hoped this year. I’ve been taking on a lot – I joined a critique group, so I have to make time to read those pieces, and I’ve agreed to beta read a few things, another huge time commitment. I have a couple of vacations coming up in October and November, and I may find time then to read a bit more. We’ll see.

All in all, I’m making progress, getting words on paper (and then later better words on paper!). Hopefully the trend continues.

February Progress Report

So, February FLEW.

Part of the problem is that of course February is short. And then…

I live in West Virginia, and our teachers have been on strike for over a week. And more power to them, I support them 100% for many reasons, the least of which is that I am also employee of the state of West Virginia. If they force the government to give them raises, I get a raise. If they fix the insurance plan, I get a better insurance plan.

But I also have to supervise my six-year-old all day, which makes getting other things done a bit tricky.

So I haven’t finished my reading for February. No big deal, I’ll finish it in March.

But I have written every day! I wrote over 20K words this month, mostly in The Waiting Game Part 2. Yesterday my son was with me while I was writing, and he kept asking if I was okay, so I guess I get agitated when I write the emotional stuff. Not surprising.

I didn’t make a major purchase for the house, but I did make a major purchase for myself. I’ve been wanting to tattoo the opening of The Odyssey on my arm for years and I finally did it. It’s still healing up, but I love it forever (I had better, I suppose).

On to March! I’m excited to keep tackling life.

Progress Report 2-12-18

Let’s check in on my goals for February:

  • Keep writing every day.

Yep, this is happening. I’m not writing as much as I would like, as far as actual words on virtual paper, but I have written something every day so far.

  • Work on querying.

This is also happening. And it continues to be…rough.

  • Read David Sedaris’s Theft by Finding.

Also happening! I’ve finished a couple years’ worth of entries. My favorite ones are the moments where he puts in current events info – “Gas costs $1/gallon almost everywhere now,” for instance, cracked me up. Not as funny was the mention of a school shooting. Who knew we had those in the ’70s?

  • Buy something for the house.

This I haven’t done yet. I’m still thinking about what we need at the moment.

Of course, the month is nearly half over, because February, but hopefully I’ll manage to make things happen.

Progress Report 2-5-18

It’s February! Holy cats, it already feels like the year is flying by.

Here are my February goals:

  • Keep writing every day. I’m tracking my actual word count this month. I’ve already had some days where I get a lot done, and days where I stare blankly at my screen for a while.
  • Work on querying. I’m sending a handful of queries each week. I’ve gotten one partial request, and a handful of rejections, so it’s happening!
  • Read a book! I’ve picked David Sedaris’s Theft by Finding, and I need to get around to putting it in my bag so that I have it with me when I have time to read.
  • House purchase. Gotta keep up the momentum on getting my house together.

I’m excited to keep going this month.

Progress Report 1-8-18

I’m making steady progress on my January goals!

  • I’ve gotten through about 1/3 of the Cycling edits (word/page count-wise. Based on her comments, about 1/2). The other day I flagged my editors comments into three categories: quick fixes (typos, or places where I’d need to toss in, say, a dialogue tag or an extra sentence), spots to ponder (places where I needed to expand quite a bit, or consider serious changes), and compliments (places where she’d noted that I’d done a particularly good job or, like the one I can see right now, simply “Ha!”). It’s made getting things done a bit easier, as I can skip around and fix the little things when I’m short on time, and spend a bit more time with it when I get lucky and my toddler goes to bed early.
  • I’m also about 1/3 of the way through reading A Head Full of Ghosts. It’s hard to say that I’m enjoying it, even though I like the book. It’s a horror story, so it isn’t particularly pleasant, but it’s a great read.
  • I ordered some new furniture for the house, some things we needed, rather than filler pieces. I’m excited to see things come together a bit more.

Hoping to keep up the momentum!

Progress Report 1-2-18

My word for the year is progress. Progress with my writing. Progress in my home. Progress with myself. I’m hoping to do an update on my goals for the year every Monday.

January Goals:

  • Complete my edits on Cycling. I got my editors notes back, and they are perfect, and now I need to push through the resistance and make the changes.
  • Read A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay. I started this back in October (*gasp*, self, stop starting books only to get distracted partway through!), and while I’m enjoying it, horror novels are always hard for me to power through.
  • Make one major home purchase.

Not too much! I’m starting small.