When you blow up your manuscript

A couple weeks ago, the Print Run Podcast read/commented on the first page of The Waiting Game. Something Laura said stuck with me. There was a moment on the page where Alex did the equivalent of pulling your hair back and taking out your earrings before a fight. And Laura said she wanted to see more of that girl.

And I thought…me too. I want more of that Alex.

And I made a major change to the story, in the sixth chapter. A change that will change the rest of the novel in dozens of small ways. Without a doubt, it’s making the story better. It’s hard, because I had a complete second draft and now I have…parts of a third draft, I suppose. But it’s fun.

It’s also distracting, because I’m supposed to be working on the second draft of Haven Strong. And I’m working on that too. They’re two very different stories, and it’s nice to bounce between them, the lightness of TWG keeping me standing when Haven is so hard that it drags me down.

And all because of one line in my story that someone else picked out as interesting.