Works in Progress

Trying Times

All Ben and Elise want is a baby. Seems like it would be easy: a little too much wine, a night of passion, and nine months later, baby arrives. Like one in eight couples, Ben and Elise are infertile. Three years into their journey, still no baby to be found. Following a spirit-crushing miscarriage, Elise feels more alone than ever.

Then Elise meets Paige and Julianne, two other women on the bumpy road to parenthood. As the three women cope with the struggles of infertility, the bonds of their friendship keep them all from unraveling as they face more losses, more turmoil, and more impossible choices.

Haven Strong

After a car crash kills twelve people, including her husband and son, Jo must establish a new normal for herself and her daughters. She learns how to navigate grief when everyone in her small town in grieving around her, and how to maintain friendships and recapture her joy after loss.

Fearlessly Inauthentic

Gina Rohm is a popular YouTuber, sharing everything about her home life. But when her marriage implodes, she has to find a way to be herself online, even if that means losing the job that supports her family.

The Next Right Thing

Following the unexpected death of her husband, Caroline moves to a new apartment in a new town. She makes quick friends with her next-door neighbor Meredith. As their friendship becomes closer, Caroline realizes that she’s falling in love with the girl next door, and wrestles with how to embrace those feelings.