Works in Progress

Trying Times

All Ben and Elise want is a baby. Seems like it would be easy: a little too much wine, a night of passion, and nine months later, baby arrives. Like one in eight couples, Ben and Elise are infertile. Three years into their journey, still no baby to be found. Following a spirit-crushing miscarriage, Elise feels more alone than ever.

Then Elise meets Paige and Julianne, two other women on the bumpy road to parenthood. As the three women cope with the struggles of infertility, the bonds of their friendship keep them all from unraveling as they face more losses, more turmoil, and more impossible choices.

The Waiting Game

  • Part One: When Alex comes home early from vacation and catches her fiancé in bed with another woman, her perfectly planned life falls apart. Then she meets the perfect guy smack in the midst of her self-imposed year-long sabbatical from dating. Will their attraction survive the year, or will something come between them before they can find out just how perfect they are for each other?
  • Part Two: Going to work for his mortal enemy wasn’t exactly on David’s to do list, but somehow it happened anyway. While he struggles to get his footing in the unpleasant work environment, his world is rocked when his marriage proposal doesn’t go quite as planned. How is he supposed to mend his broken heart while also dealing with the employer from hell?
  • Part Three: Noel more or less has his life together, until Alex walks back in eight years after they last saw each other. Can they learn to be friends, after everything that’s happened between them? Or will old passions flare up again, threatening her marriage and his good guy reputation?
  • Part Four: When his ex-wife’s new husband shows up at his work, Kyle doesn’t quite know what to make of the unwelcome intrusion. But how can he continue to refuse to see Alex, now that he knows that she’s so sick? He struggles to forgive her before she dies, while she struggles to deserve his forgiveness. Will either of them find peace in time?


  • Jo Grant navigates the grief of losing her son while her entire small town also grieves – many lives lost, many more lives changed forever. Her marriage suffers, her relationship with her living children suffers, and she finds she no longer relates to the people around her, even those who have also lost their sons.